It was silent everywhere, as quiet as in the desert. There was only the sound of wind, reminding me of a tiny boat being caught up in deep valley between high waves. The desert had its limits, and the ocean came to coasts. If there were no oasis, where would camels go? If there were no harbors, where could a small boat shelter?

With many questions, I asked him, " Do you think there is any life after death?"

He answered:" I think there must be. Who can tell?"

Then I continued, " Have you thought about death?"

He replied:" Of course."

" Why don't you die?", I asked again.

He said:" If I were dead, the beloved ones I left behind would have suffered too much. and so did the one who loved me."

Then, he asked me in reverse: " How about you?"

Slowly I answered," the same."

Moonlight illuminated his tear-streaked face. I cradled his head and laid there, terrified, staring at the wavering tree-shadow on the wall. After a while, I wept either, and forgot any words to continue.

I knew it was my fate to miss the oasis when I walked through the desert. I knew I was doomed to lose the harbor when I was drifting in the ocean. That was the last night for us. He would leave me next day and maybe never returned.

I knew my life would go on without him. Even so, I could not find any reasons to give up life again, for all my loved and beloved people in the world.