See, I ain't leaving Flickr. But a lot of good friends have, and I want to keep in touch, so I jumped in.. yet again... It's different from the Fotolog migration - they had major service issues after they got so big, so no one could "visit" photos, which is what fotolog was really.. sharing. This is a censor issue, though I cannot place all blame on Flickr. Did you all know we cannot picture message between, say.. US and Australia??? Or US and Sweden?? Or Singapore, for that matter. Why? well, who the fuck knows.. the story is *International Agreements*. WTF does THAT mean?  An agreement that Schweden will not be exposed to naked Jake photos? I should be protected from shiny BBQ pics from Australia?? And it's not just USA so don't go there..  Bad enough Patois gets censored on Flickr for party pics.. (gee some even in church).. but now we ALL are censored from sending photos to international friends. But I can TEXT you anything I want.. it's all sending a file.. 0000's and 111111's . GAH!

damn I digressed. sorry. it happens.

I'm posting film here, for those who know me from Fotolog, and /or Flickr. There may be the occasional dog shot, but it sure as hell better be film..


or - lo res digi. thats the exception. no snappies. I'll save those for Flickr