In case you didn't know, I was a very deprived child. I saw a total of two movies until I ran away from home. Both cute & benign. Not the least interested in the fear factor of zombie or horror movies. In my opionion, they're foolish & bad for children. Not that I'm prejudiced or anything of course.

Nevertheless, my feet have always been firmly on the ground of reality, so I'm not paranoid or fanciful. I've now impirically diagnosed another condition that hasn't allowed me anything but fluids for three weeks. Even a bit of cottage cheese won't go down. It's like a trap door opens & swiftly clamps shut, & the lump stays forever.

Well. This morning I both felt & saw him. His whiskers tickled & he quickly withdrew. He doesn't want my cottage cheese; whatever can he be living on? The sixty mysterious pounds I lost?

After I report The Quack to the CMA, I'm going to grab him...gag..& shove him in her face.

So, you see why I haven't been blogging, my mind is like scrambled eggs, but I wanted you to know how brilliant I am. Who needs a doctor anyway?

Cheers to all, & to all, good health.