Bernard & I were looking for photos of cats, just for fun, because we've no idea what the cat who's going to live with us will look like. I can imagine his personality, & Bernard has a name if he's of a certain colour. At first he said his name would be "Cat."

"No no no no no, " I yelped. (Think of Cybil & Bruce Willis, if you will.) "A cat has to have a proper name. At the very least, put "Sir" in front of it. Sir Cat!" Swat!

So, he's come up with a name...if the cat is a certain colour. I may not always be right, but I'm never wrong.

But here's the thing. I hadn't brushed my teeth or washed my hair...I like to spend as much time with Bernard as I can...& Cyril, my nurse called to come over. Mikee, my PT called just to come over & see how I am, Safeway delivery came...two packs of smokes until I find time to learn how to use the electric 'cigarette,' they weren't in my bags but I was charged. He knows what a pickle this puts me in, not having anyone to get things for me anymore...he hoped he could come back this evening but his boss said no. Tomorrow. Cyril was an hour & a half late. I'm deathly allergic to the antibiotic the Good Doctor prescribed. I showed him the faxes I'd sent her.

"Why didn't you just call, instead of fax?"

By now, I'd rather snarl, but as usual found myself explaining. "Because when you put things in writing instead of word-of-mouth, they're right there, & can't be misunderstood/misquoted & you know it took you 45 minutes to get through to her."

Mikee was on the dot, & as always, a doll. He really is! He bows & bobs his head; everything he says ends in a cheerful interrogative lilt. He never, ever stops smiling.

Call Alma, is she coming over today?? Please remind me to give her a copy of the print hanging in the hall that she loved so much. "Really? Do you mean it? That's so sweet of you! Are you sure?"

Oh, wow. There go the Canadian geese into the sunset! If I could open my den window, I could have reached out & touched them!

I digress.

When I saw the photo above, I realized I can cut out another least for a little while. BUY A WIG! What do you think?