bernardv has replied to Dragon

"Something like being married? After the dishes are done, dear.."

Quote (of typical conversation):

bernardv: Spare a copper missus?

lucija: You're the wage earner, dear, & you give me barely enough to go to the shops for sausage.

bernardv: <------ (looks shamefaced).....Yes dear.

lucija: So, let's not have a fuss.

bernardv: No dear.

lucija: Leaving room with hurt expression

bernardv: Oh dear.......dear

lucija: Are they eating the lettuce again?

bernardv: The sausages?........What sort of sausages are you buying?

lucija: I have to stand at the stove all day....I'd think you could trouble yourself to chase away the deer...

bernardv: Good idea. I'll chase the deer dear while you try to catch the sausages.

bernardv: Er.....deer dear.

lucija: Give me a bloody quid & I'll be off for the sausages.

bernardv: Saddle up Rivendell and ride like the wind.

lucija: Ha ha ha ha. The missus has to ride into the village because you be falling off the horse.

bernardv: Indeed you're right. I'll stay behind and charge the brandy decanters ready for your return.

bernardv: Tallyho!!!!

lucija: Don't be trying to make up with me now!

[Break & refreshments: open bar]

lucija: I'm going to try do the, I mean catch the sausages if you'll chase away the deer, dear.

bernardv: The deer are all asleep dear.

lucija: Then YOU can chase the sausages!

bernardv: Indeedy. The sausages will warm me up.

lucija: Where do you think YOU'RE going?

bernardv: Rivendell has something stuck in his nearside show. We might look at that first.

lucija: "We???"

bernardv: I meant me dear.

lucija: You don't need Rivendell to catch sausages!

bernardv: No dear.......Hi ho Rivendell......Awaaaay.

lucija: Hah! Off to the pub again to leave me all alone with the laundry.

bernardv: What light through yonder doorway breaks? It is the 'fridge and the sausages are within.

bernardv: Found them dear.....Pub later? You cook and I'll tuck (hopefully)

lucija: Idiot. Those aren't sausages, they're spare ribs!

bernardv: Ah, your sisters in spirit?

lucija: Better than yours.

bernardv: Alas I lack.......any ribs to spare.

lucija: Then we'll be having no supper tonight.

bernardv: We can get something at the pub then. Hop on my back and we'll chase Rivendell. He'll already be there by now.

bernardv: No use using the crop though. That's just for when we're alone.

lucija: Good lord, he'll be too drunk to stagger back! Why don't you grab the reins, or his man....

bernardv: Man what? .....(grins)

lucija: His MANE!

bernardv: Oh....dear.

lucija: UrrrrrrrrG!

bernardv: We'd better hurry. If we're late Rivendell will drink all the beer.....again.

lucija: [Swatting Bernard with wet sponge]

bernardv: OOooo

lucija: That's what I MEANT by his getting drunk before we ever got there. Don't you ever loisten to me?

bernardv: Not when you have that New York accent dear.

bernardv: It is chilly though....I could use a jersey.

lucija: They're in the laundry. With some of the sausages.

bernardv: Those buggers get everywhere.

bernardv: Speaking of which. Dragons' in the tree again.

lucija: *&!!#%$^ I'm getting my walker & going to the pub. See you when I decide to come back....

bernardv: I can see his beard hanging down.

bernardv: I'll come with you. Dragon can guard the house.

lucija: Well for God's sake, shoot Gim! What will the neighbours think?

bernardv: Gim? Who's Gim?......Do you have more relatives coming to stay?

lucija: Gim is Dragons' friend. He's the little one with no teeth...

bernardv: Oh. I thought that was just Sigurd standing far away....again.

lucija: Now Gim is eating the lettuce again..

bernardv: You mean toothless Gim is sucking the lettuce? I think I've just gone off salads.

lucija: I've just gone off, period.


Hello to all my new friends. Some in-jokes here, like, my blog of Dragon with the long beard when he decided to be a hermit, & how when Sigurd goes missing, we...sort of... suggest he's lurking about. As well as while Bernard & I were talking, I made some typos, (recovered nicely from Gim, (him), huh?) But Bernard is always there with the wit & I just try to follow.

This blog was my idea, but Bernard & I were howling like tickeled mice when we read it again, & I've been on it for at least four hours, copying word for word.

Bernard: Why don't you copy & paste?
Me: It won't.
Bernard: What are you doing?
Me: COPYING & trying to paste!

*Sigh" Oh yes, Rivendell is from my blog "THE LAND" A sweet & peaceful thing, I understand.


Accolaids to my dear brother for entering into the spirit, (which I will try to cut & paste).
Stick a fork in me, I am so, so done! Maybe I'll put it in a comment.....