I couldn't resist posting these two pictures since I just realized how similar they are. Please look at the lidded eyes?

When I painted the old woman, she just came out of the air. I'd never seen her before, I still wonder 'where' she came from.

Bernard noted the window frame; the brass nails at the edges, & the little black pins at the center. This kind of frame is from centuries ago, & there's no way I could have known about this.

Now I believe she is me, from another incarnation. I really do.

What do you think?

Vicar to Evensong was like this, not even knowing what they wore, & the shape of the tor in the background. I didn't even know what a tor was. This is all in my Vanishing Tower blog, a very fascinating blog to me, & I'm still going to research it when I have time. Again, Bernard brought my attention to the exact shape of the tor in England, with a photo.

You can see the vicar, if you like, If you'd care to look at my Art Work album, the link is:

Thanks, & of course! looking forward to comments! Cheers to all my friends.