B'stir yourselves this All Hallows' Even,
Set dishes of salt on windowsills; into the hollow of a carved neep,
place a lighted candle. By your door this lantern keep.
Behold them yet afar, on their pitiful way dragging rotted bones,
and putrid flesh, from tongueless mouths a lament,
drooling green slime; moldy teeth askew and bent.
Goodness was never a virtue to them, honesty treason,
yet on this night hollow eyes bleed red;
to flee the haunted place of past executions,
and tortue; darkness, treachery and disgrace.
Ye of wisdom turn these wicked soulless ghouls back,
back, rattling bones to their unearthly home.
Beseeching wails I do implore, let your ears not reach,
lest they return before the year is o'er.
Whatso'er thee will, tonight most watchful be,
for ghouls and mummies bear thee ill;
innocent dead in their graves lie peacefully,
sleeping peaceful they be.