Jan 25, '11 6:34 PM
by lucija jovanovic for group notjustpoems
Capricious Time
…Lucija Jovanovic ©

Teddy bear has lost his stuffing
His bright button eyes
Clothes strung on the line
Left too long a time in the grey rain
Such faded things

Dreams measured for framing
Old letters tied with care
Photographs dead faces
Who were these people, anyway?
In empty boxes stored

Hopscotch played on calendar pages
Children with long grey beards
Counting paces, sad faces
A thousand days of laughter
Snuffed, I’ve had enough

Paper dolls hand to hand fold back
Gone their crisp profiles
Ragged are their edges
Scissors destroy as they create
Toss away, I am too old to play

Darkness falls across the vast terrain
In lonely halls, on broken walls
Tired Autumn trees
Whisper to chilled breeze
The clock has stopped, time to rest
Or to leave