This is my endeavour to log the Wildflowers ((and blossoms) of my home on The Isle of Luing, Argyll.
I have limited knowledge of the subject of flora and fauna, neither was i an enthusiast. However compiling this record is becoming a compulsive learning curve.
So why do it, I Just love taking photo's of flowers, or anything else for that matter.
A period of immobility has made me stay in one place for a period of time, so I have tried to get organised. The information that goes with each photo is not drawn from my knowledge, but from Google and other sources that I find interesting, copied and pasted, I take no credit for that.
The information given regarding cures, recipes and remedies are purely from a historical perspective and are not directions for use. Photographs which do not come up to standard will be replaced in time.
I have endeavoured to be as accurate as possible in naming plants, however there may be some mistakes, in that case I would appreciate these being pointed out, with proof of identity of the same.
I hope you like my efforts. It is an on-going Project.
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