A friendly user reports a bug of ipxUploader. In the ipernity web-version you have to enclose tags consisting of multiple words in double quotes like "one two three". This was also the case in former versions of client upload of ipernity (ipernity uploader), and it may still the case in the ipernity API itself if you want to set only one tag which constist of multiple words (not tested yet). I omitted the need of double quotes in the very first version of ipxUploader, you just need to type in the tags separated by comma. Unfortunately users may be used to use those double quotes, and if, those tags will be not set when uploading. The reason is that ipxUploader checks all tags effective processed by ipernity, and when they are different, they will be removed. I do so, because there are various other bugs in the API of ipernity itself, when processing the tag list.

I will fix this issue in the next upcoming minor version of ipxUploader, double quotes will be then ignored and all should be running fine even if you use those double quotes.

New version is now available, you can download it on the ipxUploader Homepage.

Release Notes:
  • If unnecessary double quotes are added to a tag consisting of several words, the upload of the tag will run as expected (The tag is added, without quotes)
  • If the app is not in forground the dock icon will bounce one time when upload sequence is complete.
  • One additional stability issue detected.

Till recent versions of OS/X you have to enable the use of applications from "unregistered developers" in the security tab of your mac system settings, if you want to use ipxUploader. I will change this with next minor version...