Release 0.9.11 is now finally available. It was more work than expected and I had very limited free personal time for this project the last months. But good things came to those who wait ;-)

You can download this version now on the website:

The new version comes now with album upload feature. You can add pictures to existing albums or upload them to new. It is possible to upload pictures to multiple different albums in one upload operation. The order will be the same as chosen for your upload queue.

Additionally you can start ipxUploader with parameter -uploadpath /yourPath e.g. with an automator script, or via terminal to embed the ipxUploader in any workflow. ipxUploader will read all images in given folder for upload automatically.

This version comes along with some improvements in stability, espacially in managing problems if your upload quota will decrease while uploading, which may be heplful if you are not ipernity club member. If the quota starts to be less than your chosen upload queue you will see a red alert in the status bar.

Also this version is now complied with xCode5 and improved in memory usage compared to the previous release.

Hope you will have fun with it, feel free to post here some comments for suggestions or problem reports.