Version 0.9.10 is now up and running for ten months. So glad to see, that if it´s downloaded and installed, it stay used. Saw the last time a friend installing it in the wrong way: Unbelievable, but it is possible to misuse the installation procedure on a Mac! Sometimes the Mac is so easy that, accustomed to a Windows system, you will do something in the complicated way...

So if you have troubles, don´t hesitate to contact me.

I am currently working on Version 0.9.11 Some little changes are planned, like replacing "pro" with "club". So glad I do not have to change any API calls with the new ipernity! Major issues for .11 beside some nerdy changes under the hood which I need to compile the whole stuff with xCode4, is to support the upload in albums and creating albums while uploading and some preparations to support more than one account in the settings.

If you have any wishes, feel free to post it here!


Sorry, folks. I thought some weeks ago, I was already finished, but still working on the new features. Unfortunatley I had not much time on the weekends, and had some trouble with multiple selection/deselection on album select feature. Now all is working fine so far, missing the finishing feature of creating new albums on upload, which I can finish hopfully this month. As additional feature there is now the possibility to define a import folder, which content will be loaded on startup to create some more automation with ipxUploader too.