The best of regifting...

Two years ago I phoned a old family friend to let her know that my Father had gone into Hospice. My Father had been friends with her and her late Husband since they were in high school and she had moved back to our home town when her Husband had died.

She asked me if I would stop by her place to pick up a quilt when we came down to bury my Dad's ashes. She was pretty sure that she would pass before he did. She was dying from lung cancer and at 75 had opted out of chemo and other treatments.

When I spoke to her she told me that my Grandmother, my Father's Mom had given them a quilt after they had given her their old freezer back in 1968. They moved all over the country for work over the years and this quilt traveled with them through every journey.

When my Brother and I along with our spouses readied to drive our Dad's ashes to bury them next to my Mom I gave her a call. Her Son answered and told me that she was in the nursing home where they were managing her pain.

I stopped by her apartment as I had promised. Her Son called the nursing home and she was sleeping so we did not go to see her. I asked if he knew about the quilt that his Mom wanted me to have and he said he did, that it was in the cedar chest. He open up the cedar chest. I asked him if his Mom had told him which one it was and he said no, but it might be this one as he handed me this beautiful crocheted quilt. I told him that this did not look like any that I had ever seen her quilt and he had me look through the chest.

There had to be at least 20 quilts in there and I just could not be sure which one it was.
Then he pointed to another chest and said that there are more in that one. Once he open the second chest and I spied this quilt there among another 20 quilts or so, there
was no denying that this was the one that my Grandmother had given them so many years ago. All along she had kept it with the sole purpose of one day giving it to me.

Out of her 40 or so quilts that she had collected over the years, I felt that this one was the most loved, for it was kept to pass on, back to the family from which it came.
Her Son offered me any of the other quilts, since he had no idea the history of any of them or what he would eventually do with them. But I only took this one. The one that somehow all these years always belonged to me.

Interestingly the reason that I thought to photograph part of it and share today is because of a group that is from Flickr and also here on Ipernity ~ Macro Mondays for the theme the letter X.

This little cross stitch with all its little X's that my Grandmother crafted for many like this seemed the perfect choice. I could not decide on which little macro detail to use so I put together nine of them~