The awe of the power of water draws me in.
I lean in with one foot firmly planted in the known.

A photo has the magic to draw us back in to a place in time where we once stood. Memories flood back in of the day, the place, the people, little details that helped shape who we became.
Important things, epic experinces, everyday events, people who have shared our path are all there. Our memories safely stored on paper. Always there to open a porthole into who we were.
For the past twenty years or so, many of us first see our photos backlit when we upload them. Sixty-five years ago this week "Baby" was the first computer to access stored memory.
Happy Birthday Baby! How far we have come so fast. I am still amazed and awed by technology. Because of it, I am able to experiment much more than film would have afforded me. And to take photos for the sheer joy of it is a wonderful concept.

At the fence...
I first joined Flickr to follow a friend's photo uploads as I waited for my first nice camera to arrive. During that time, she stopped using Flickr. I stayed and began looking at other's photos. I commented on a few and soon I had contacts whose streams I followed and who followed mine. I started a group to understand how they worked and joined way too many too fast. I quickly became a pro user, so I could upload more each month.
I joined Ipernity to follow "friends" whose photos and words have inspired me over the years. I am taking it slower. Joining just a few groups and slowly uploading photos.

Photography is why I joined an online photo site. The friendship of contacts is why I still stand at the fence... for now I will be sometimes here, sometimes over there, sometimes both and since it is summer sometimes neither...