Pick your fresh organic dandelion flowers.
Put them in a bowl of fresh water and salt and soak for about a half and hour (to get the bugs out).
Drain and rinse.

Roll in a towel to dry.

I then beat the eggs by hand.
My Grandmother would then dip them one by one in the eggs, roll in flour and fry in butter.

I have found it easier to mix the flour in the eggs then mix the flowers into the mixture. I add fresh ground pepper and add the whole mix to a hot pan of olive oil and fry.

I'm not sure of how much flour I use. I just eye ball it.
If you are trying this for the first time, I would recommend my Grandmother's method of one by one.

She would actually freeze the first "harvest" saying that the first blooms were the best.
We would fix morel (sponge) mushrooms the same way as these flowers.

It is a shame that so many spend their summers trying to eradicate this wonderful plant. Our yard has so few, since we eat them and they never make it to seed.

The dandelion has a wide range of uses, it is a good compaion plant for gardening. It's taproot will bring up nutrients for shallower-rooting plants and adds minerals and nitrogen to the soil. It is also known to attract pollinating insects and release ethylene gas which helps fruit to open.

The whole plant is edible.