What is it like to wake up afraid and maybe crying from a dream, What is it like to feel afraid in dream and why do people do it. I must say that i don't know what it is to have a nightmare because i never had one :) i have had a dream about me being buried a life in a wooded box by the sea but the only thing that entered my mind was that I was going to lay there for the next 1000years in peace, just relaxing and sleeping :) maybe i felt this way because there was a storm outside and i had put it in my dream because i could hear the storm going on wile underground and i thought that I was in a good and a save place to sit of the storm. but the funny thing about this dream is that it was like a nightmare that i just made into a dream. maybe because though i don't dream much I often seem know when im dreaming and therefore i have nothing to fear :)