I am so happy to see that a lot of the people I care most about have migrated from Flickr over this direction. I am SO happy to have you here. <3

Everythings just getting started, and I know it will take some time to get everything going here. But its so strange how everything feels fresh and new. Like, we all don't have that many pictures, and we're all coming slowly one by one.

Its like the first day of school in a new place, with new viewers.

But I can say this, the teachers really made this place feel like home. Getting personally welcomed by the ipernity team meant a lot to me on my last journal. It just shows how much they care about the users that are slowly migrating over from flickr. I also love that they, like flickr, have NO issue with the Second Life crowd. Unlike 500px, they are NOT deleting my photos and making me feel unwelcome, but are welcoming me with open arms and encouraging me to stay!

I've heard that a lot of people who I follow on plurk and flickr are just going to stay on Flickr and tough it out, and personally I feel bad for them. While it may be a wise choice to continue to post business product posters there, I feel it is so WRONG for Flickr to me making money off of your hard work and effort by posting their ads all over your pictures. And not only is it wrong, it looks SO unprofessional.

I just hope that maybe in time, people will stop settling for what they're given and take action for what has been taken away, IE: The community all of you know and love so well known as Flickr. Its in a disarray now.

Thank you for listening.