I feel content in ipernity as my solution for a Flickr alternative. I hate that I feel the need to continue posting product pictures on Flickr in fear of being left behind, but there's a strong part of me that hopes and prays a lot of the community makes it over to ipernity.

At the start of this year I made a special New Years Resolution for myself. I was really going to dedicate my time to Flickr. I really wanted to go places, influence, and inspire people. So that goal was to post something either every day or every other day. A goal which, with a few breaks, I actually accomplished so far.

Last night I refunded my pro account with Flickr, and today I became a club member with ipernity. Its a risk. Or at least it feels like a big risk. I'm worried that in a year from now I won't have a similar viewer base here, as to what I have now on Flickr.

At the same time I do a lot of my work for self gratification, but its always nice to hear other's thoughts about your own sense of style or artistic flare.

So, I want to keep up with my New Years resolution with a small change. I'll be doing it here. I really hope that this HUGE change Flickr has put upon us doesn't prove to be inspiration breaking for me.

Thanks for reading.