I have been thanking about getting myself a new lens and a flash latly. Before I only had the kitlens and canon 400D.

I found a used Sigma flash only 4 months old for a little price and of course bought it, it had bearly been used. I had also been thinking about maybe upgrade my 400D to 20-30D because it works faster and that is what I need when I am taking pictures of the horses and for my luck the same guy was selling 20D and a 24-60mm f2.8 sigma lens. So I just went for it, sold my 400D yesterday and bought myself a "new" camera and a month old Sigma and got an umbrella and a tripod, a synchro shoe(Witch I can't seem to get working) with the flash and a remote control for the camera and 3 macro rings for the lens, all for a smaller price than I had planed for only new flash and a lens. It is all very little used, the camera is the oldest item, one year old.

Here are the first two pictures I took with the new camera, lens and flash. Only snapshots but I like the results.

Maybe someone can tell me how I should make the flsh work with the synchro shoe, Do I need some cords or What, why doesn't this work. I've been searching the WHOLE internet for this but can't seem to find it....

Help please.