Yesterday, I went for a little drive just to go to the store and buy some milk, but my little one was so tired so I decided to drive down to the beach and see if he wouldn't fall a sleep and maybe I would see something interresting to take a picture of.

Ok, I drove down there but when I was at the end of the road I found out that I had went a little to far into the sand and I was stuck. Hehe, I tried desperetly to get me loose again (without having to call my man to tell him what I had done) but soon I found out that I had suncken the car so deep in the sand that it was impossible to get him up. So I had to face the fact that I had to walk home with my 5 month old son and after only 20 minutes I was having friends over and I hadn't gone to the store yet.

But fortunatly I had the stroller in the back of the car, so I didn't have to carry the boy who wasn't exacly dressed for that. But at the way home I did got few nice shots and I just arrived home before my friends got there, so it all went well and we had a BIG laugh about this and my friends boyfriend helped me to get my car back.

What I learned from this: Toyota Avensis does NOT work well in sand(like this has never happened before, I'm always getting myself into trouble) and I desperatly need a jeep!!!