As you might know, I have a cat, Nike. He is sweet and easygoing, and he has been with us for about 6 years.

Since he came into my life I have become more sensitive to all those cats not having a home and not even having food. So when I see a cat, I feed him. The result of that is now that we have "Ginger", "The grey one" who also have four small kittys (my grandchildren, lol), very sweet, a new one with only one eye, poor thing and a couple of more who comes mostly at night, for the time beeing.

It's sort of okey for now, but it might be a bit too much soon, and then what can I do? Another homeless, visiting my garden This is "the mommy" who brought four little ones with her!!

  Catmom nursing her babies

Here she is with her kittens!