Yesterday I went to town to run some arrends. I was going to cross the street. It was red for walkers but green on the other half. No cars and I wanted to catch the green light on the other side. Anyhow I ran over, my glasses (readingglasses, the ones we get with age, haha:-) )fell out of my purse. When I heard it I could'nt go back, cause a car came and my glasses got run over and inte a thousand pieces. Now I feel like i'm in a blurr all the time. I have some old glsses that are not enough anymore, so for the next ten or so days, if I write or spell funny, I have an excuse.And a good thing, that my glasses got run over and not me!

All that because I wanted to save a minute of waiting. Instead it took me longer and cost me money!!

Have a nice day, everyone, and do not be in a hurry, it's not worth it.:-)