Two weeks ago, I was visiting the "Wasen", which is Stuttgart's fairground taking place every spring and fall. You can see the results in my latest uploads or in the album "Wasen 2007". I always thought it would be interesting to take pictures of the merry-go-rounds and all the other illuminated attractions at night, especially since I discovered time exposure photographing during my sessions with Zeituhr in the Flak Barracks (see my "Barracks of decay" album).  
The most challenging task while taking these pictures was positioning the tripod without people between the camera and the merry-go-rounds. A lot of (mostly drunken) people tried to get on my pictures, since they thought I was from the press! Getting rid of these people was quite hard work after a while, and so gave up ealier than I had should, when looking at the pictures at home. I was really suprised   when I saw the results later on at home, since the small display of my camera and the loud and flashy environment didn't allow me to get an impression of what I've been producing. I think the most interesting aspect about these pictures is there unrealness. You never see such images with your eyes in real and it's faszinating what random skulptures are created when light and motion gets freezed by the camera. Through the camera eye, now these "fairground attrations" appear to me more as "light painting machines" than just simple carousels.
Today, I added some more pictures of that session which have a more abstract character. Enjoy!