Dagmar (born Virginia Ruth Egnor, November 29, 1921 – October 9, 2001) was an American actress, model and television personality of the 1950s. As a statuesque, busty blonde, she became the first major female star of television, receiving much press coverage during that decade.
Dagmar Bumpers

As originally conceived by Harley Earl, GM Vice President of Design, the bumper guard elements would mimick exaggerated artillery shells and were placed at either end of the front bumpers of Cadillacs. Their presence was both as a styling element indicating speed (as in the speeding bullet or projectile) and as bumper guards.

The term was coined by customizers in direct reference to Dagmar, an early 1950s television personality well known for her pronounced cleavage on Broadway Open House. Dagmar's physical attributes were further enhanced by low-cut gowns and the shape of her bra cups, which were somewhat conical. She was amused by the tribute.