My new old enlarger has made it from the garage to the temporary darkroom, but it has yet to get a trial. I have plans to convert a room in the basement into a permanent darkroom, but progress has been slowed due to the weather. I've spent way too much of my spare time dealing with snow removal this year! Also, the girls refuse to go to the basement and are very unhappy when I do. I plan to remove the ceramic tile from the stairs and I'm hoping that will encourage them to come to the basement and do less barking from the top of the stairs.

I do mostly digital photography, but I really enjoy making my own prints and I shoot film whenever I can get some time. I had to buy the Beseler 45 to accommodate the larger 4X5 negatives of the Graflex camera. I also have a 120 film back for the Graflex and I can shoot both types of film with it.