I love being a photographer, I really do. But if there is anything that demands even more of my time (and money!) it's acquiring and listening to music. I've never considered music a 'hobby' or a passion. It is a neccessity. I must listen to music every day. It's been this way since childhood, it's my oxygen.

What do I listen to? Everything. I try not to rule anything out, my only standard is 'emotional connection'. If it makes my smile, sing, dance, think about a time or place or woman, then it's good. As I get older and more nostalgic, I feel more of an attraction to vinyl. The pleasure is aesthetic and aural and tactile. I'm not an 'audiophile', my equipment is good quality but I don't have time for audio snobbery, it's all about the groove.
...and it's often about jazz

Wayne Shorter: 'Speak No Evil' Blue Note (King Records Japan)

Jazz is often about Blue Note, the legendary New York record label set up and run by a couple of German emigres escaping Hitler, Alfred Lion and Francis Wolff.
With Blue Note everything comes together: fabulous music, dedicated artistry and execution by the musicians and the sound recordist (Rudy Van Gelder), and of course, the incredible photography of Francis Wolff and the design skills of Reid Miles. If you are a photographer you seriously need to check out the portraiture of Wolff, William Caxton, William Gottlieb and Herman Leonard.

Here's a handy primer: