Shunryu Suzuky 1970:

... everything comes out of emptiness. when we reach this understanding we find the true meaning of our life. when we reach this understanding we can see the beauty of human life ...

Zelda Fitzgerald 1929-30: every place has its hours:

there is Rome in the glassy sun of a winter noon and Paris under the blue gauze of spring twilight, and there's the red sun flowing through the chasms of a New York dawn.

Li Po 李白 (~750): the world around us:

Dread Lord, do not wave your scepter: it is bejeweled.

Dear Dancer, do not whirl your scarves: they are orchid-flowered.

Pale Poet, do not flaunt your heart: it is radiant with love.

Our world cares only for unenchanted things.

Fr Maximos 1997: By charity I don't mean only to offer alms to the poor and to donate money to various worthy causes. All these are external manifestations of charity. The charitable propensity, as the movement that characterizes God, is none other than absolute and unconditional Love. ... When we learn to generate only good logismoi and develop right judgment and clear vision, ... then we will realize that whatever comes our way is, in the final analysis, a blessing.