I suppose the question should really be... Do you hang your own art on your walls or that of others or both or neither?

When I first moved into my current house some twenty odd years ago, the walls of each room were naked - just painted plasterboard - blank canvases - gallery walls! Over a period of about 36 months I went out and purchased prints, watercolours, oils on canvas, plates, etchings - you name it, I bought it - and used my purchases to fill my gallery!

My aim was to gradually build up collections of complimentary (in my eyes) imagery and place these collections together in various rooms within my home.

For nearly fifteen years I kept the same images affixed to my walls! Then, one day, about five years ago, as I was flicking through some of my own images on my computer, I decided I needed a change! No, needed isn't the right word - I wanted a change!

I'd been taking pictures for the whole time I'd been filling my gallery with other peoples art, and it suddenly struck me, why couldn't I put my own images on my wall?

What was wrong with that? Is there anything wrong with that?

I decided that there wasn't, and went through my whole back catalogue, and picked out some of my favourite images. I ended up with about forty images, that I subsequently had professionally printed and framed, and have had them hanging on my walls ever since!

However, recently I've been itching for a change. After looking at some of my images with a more critical eye, I decided I needed to refresh my walls!

So, I sat down and selected a series of images from my more recent back catalogue, and came up with themes for different rooms of the house - abstracts for the hallway, landscapes for the living room, food for the kitchen and dining room, flowers for the stairs and landing, water splashes for the bathroom and probably something other than bugs for the bedrooms - although I've got to get some bugs in somewhere!

I'm actually very happy with my plan, even though I've not commited the images to paper yet!

So, why am I telling you all of this? Well, It actually got me thinking!

Out of the thousands of images I shoot every year, the majority of them are deposited with stock agencies, and put on sale for other people to purchase. I upload a few hundred images a year to photo sharing sites for others to see. I also occasionally show my friends and family shots I'm particularly proud of.

However, I almost never look at my own work again once I've finished processing it! What a crime!

What about you? I know about your printing preferences, but do you ever hang your images on your wall? Do you display them alone, or with other people's work? Do you think it's weird to hang your own work in your house? Why?

I love having my own work surround me as it can invoke memories of great days, frustrating experiences, fantastic opportunities, amazing encounters or just plain lucky captures!

Oh, and just to let you know, I've finally purchased a new A3+ printer so I can produce the prints myself! :)