After scanning a few prints for my previous article, "Do you shoot film?", it got me wondering about how many people print their images nowadays.

I know I shoot thousands of images a year, but hardly any of them ever see a piece of photographic paper.

They don't languish on my hard disk though. I put them to work, and I try to sell them either via stock photography agencies, or as greetings cards, or calendars, or, well, in whatever format I can!

However, I very rarely print them out, and hang them on my wall.

It's not that I'm not proud of them, I really love some of my images, but I just don't ever seem get around to picking my favourites, and printing them.

It got me thinking...

Am I the only person who rarely prints out their work? Do you use labs to print your work, or use your own printer? Do you produce photobooks? Do you display your work on the walls of your home?