So, I finally made the decision to try and push myself, and shoot a small series of landscape images this year!

Primarily, this is an attempt to drag me away from the kitchen table and garden, in order to try and shoot something different from macros!

However, it got me wondering...

Is it only me who seems to have fallen into taking pictures of a particular subject or genre?

I know I'm guilty of taking mostly nature macros, but in my defence, it's a genre and subject that I really enjoy!

I know I also enjoy abstract architectural and landscape / seascape photography, but I think the reason I don't shoot so much of these genres is that it requires more effort to achieve!

My brain always tells me that it's much easier to walk into the garden for a shoot than it is to find a location, determine the best time to go, travel there, potentially wait for hours until the light is right, and click the shutter maybe only half a dozen times!

Of course, there are days when none of this stops me going out, but over the last couple of years this has been only than a handful of times!

I obviously need more motivation!

Anyway, what I wanted to know is, is it only me who seems to be stuck in a photographic rut? Also, if you were in one, how did you get out of yours?

Alternatively, do you think that there is anything wrong with being stuck in a photographic rut?