Now that the New Year is underway, I got to thinking about New Year resolutions. More specifically, I got to thinking about resolutions to do with photography!

Last year I completed a project 365, which entailed taking a picture every day of the year, and posting it online. I tried to maintain as high a standard as I could each day, or at least shoot something interesting that I could big up with words!

It was a time consuming project to take part in, but completing it felt like a major achievement! I nearly decided to continue the project into this year, and it was a difficult decision to leave my camera in the camera bag on New Year's day!

This year, I decided to take part in a 100X project. This entails taking 100 pictures of the same X. The X can be anything. Portraits, strangers, macros, landscapes, buildings, bugs, abstracts... well, you get the idea. My X will be Flora.

However, while I'm quite excited about the project, I feel that taking 100 photographs of flowers is well within my capabilities, and shouldn't present many challenges, other than growing the flowers in the first place!

So, I wanted to pick something else that would challenge me, but that I'd enjoy. I thought of shooting people portraits, which would be out of my comfort zone, and would definitely be a challenge, but the subject matter just doesn't interest me. I'd rather pick a subject or genre that I was interested in, as then I'd have more invested in completing it!

I've thought long and hard, and think I'll try shooting either Architecture or Landscapes - or maybe even both! I'm not going to try for 100 photographs though, I'm going to limit myself to only 12! I feel that number should be well within my grasp!

So now you know what my photographic resolutions are, I'd like to know what yours are! :)