On the run up to Christmas, thinking I'd been nice rather than naughty this year, I started to draw up a Christmas wish list of photographic presents that I'd like!

Like most photographers, my family and friends don't really understand about cameras, lenses, flashguns, memory cards, camera bags, lens cleaning apparatus and other photographic paraphernalia, so it's easier to ask for gift certificates (or money) and purchase items I actually need!

It means missing out on the wrapping paper removal experience on Christmas morning, but at least I get items I'll be happy with, and it gives me extra time at the Sherry bottle!

With this in mind, I wanted my list to contain items that were affordable, and practical, rather than things that were way over budget or that would have only novelty value!

The list I came up with actually took quite a long time to compile, and ended up being surprisingly short, containing only three items!

  • A GPS module for my Nikon D800 - tagging images with locations manually is a drag isn't it? This would definitely be a most practical purchase!
  • A new NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive to help store my ever growing archive of images - 2Tb would take me up to 4Tb total!
  • A good LED flashlight - well, everyone needs a good LED flashlight right?

Thinking about this got me wondering what you had on your photographic wish lists! Of course, you don't have to abide by the same rules as me - you can add as many of those dream items as you see fit! You never know, maybe Santa will be good to you!

So, go on, get your thinking caps on, and leave a comment letting me know what you'd have on your list...