Well, I'm settling into my second (or maybe third or fourth) home rather nicely at the moment! I've met some very nice people here who have been jolly nice about some of the images I've uploaded, and I've seen some great images on their pages too!

I'm still finding my way around the system, and am finding quite a few things a little bit confusing! Things that were second nature on flickr, seem to be hidden a bit deeper in the system over here! Not to worry though! I guess I'll figure everything out with time!

One thing I don't seem to be able to find, which is quite irritating, is a way of viewing a list of all of my latest contacts uploads! I'm guessing that there must be a button hidden away somewhere that I'm simply overlooking? Can one of you nice people point me in the right direction please?

Also, I noticed that sometimes, when I visit a photo that I've visited previously, it will display a message over on the right, that says something like: You have already seen this photo on December 9, 2013.

However, this doesn't work on all photos I've seen, or commented on! Are other people noticing this? I've always thought it would be a brilliant feature to have on flickr, to let you know that you've already commented on a photo, so am excited about the possibility of a similar feature being implemented here already!

I'm loving that ipernity is very similar to flickr when it comes to organising images! I've tried lots of different photo sharing sites, and most of them fall down when it comes to image organisation, especially in these days when it seems more important to get an image online than it is to be able to tell if it's in focus! As you can probably tell, I'm not a fan of uploading direct from mobile devices!

I really like the idea of being able to write articles here as well as post pictures! It makes a lot of sense! I may use the feature to bring some of my photo technique articles over from Blogger as it would be nice to have them on a photo related website!

The more I delve into ipernity, the more I like it! I'm even considering joining the Club! :)