While I'm finding flickr more and more annoying, and am very close to posting over here a lot more regularly, I'm finding it incredibly quiet!

Obviously, part of this is probably because I'm not posting here regularly enough, but even when I look into some groups, I'm seeing that discussions haven't been added to for weeks, months or even years!

It feels a bit like a ghost town!

For instance, my last picture on flickr gained more views in the first five minutes after upload than the sum total of all of my image views over here on ipernity!

I must be missing something!

So, my questions are...

  • Which groups should I be getting involved in?
  • Which groups are active and have a sense of community?
  • Which members are full of advice, constructive criticism, and take the time to take part in discussions?
  • Who should I be following?
  • Where is everyone hanging out?

Thanks in advance for any advice...