So, what brings me to the shores of ipernity again? It could only be another flickr redesign couldn't it?

Instead of realising they had a unique social network applicable to many different types of photographers, Yahoo seem to be trying to make flickr more appealing to the Instagram / Tumblr / Twitter generation. For the old guard, like me, this just doesn't appeal!

I can live with big pictures, they're good, and they even load fast now (sometimes). I could live with their weird half baked interface of the previous version too. I was actually getting used to it!

However, with their latest change, they've gone a step too far in my opinion.

Comments have been crammed up against the right hand side of the picture, instead of appearing below!

You can no longer post images in comments, or even buddy icons! Images in existing comments just fail to appear!

The comment box is tiny, so more thoughtful longer comments become a chore to type - and you can hardly see them as the font size is so small!

The assault on your eyes doesn't stop there either, as the bright white font and jet black background is very jarring and headache inducing!

If you can live with this, then whoever thought that just pressing the Enter key should post a comment is an idiot, especially when the posted comment can't be edited!

Then, you can only see a few comments at a time! This is a nightmare when you are lucky enough to have images that have hundreds of comments, or even tens of comments!

Oh, and comments are not in chronological order, so even if your migraine did allow you to read them, you wouldn't be able to follow a conversation properly as it would be back to front!

I'm left wondering whether Yahoo's software designers actually use flickr? I bet not!

So, what Yahoo seem to be doing with flickr, is killing off any community aspect they had, which is a shame, because it was once an amazing place to be...

...and it appears it is now just another photo dumping ground!

See you around...