In Finland the various municipalities have the lovely habit of planting large swathes of wild flowers, and up near Espoonkeskus there is a huge tract devoted to poppies.

There are of course other flowers but it is the brilliant colours of the poppies that rule the roost at the moment.

Some years sunflowers are the major planting and I have also seen bands of blue lavender running along the sides of fields.

The great thing about it is that usually there is an announcement in the local newspapers which tells everybody the location of these flower fields and encourages people to go and pick the flowers for free.

Wordsworth was stoped in his tracks by a "host of golden daffodils" and you can imagine my delight when I came across these poppies. They were dancing.


Even the slightest breeze causes the stems to sway and the petals to flutter, so it is extremely difficult to do autobracketing and get three exposures of the same scene.

This is the reason why the photos look a bit fuzzy, but I sort of like them that way.

Sometimes I ask myself is it right an proper for a man to get so excited by flowers?