If you buy salmon that has been cooked and smoked over an open fire then you can easily pay upwards of 30€ per kilo. If you do it yourself then you can get a good side of salmon from the Ahvenamaa islands for about 7€ per kilo.

To smoke and roast a side of salmon you need a good clean burning wood like birch and you should burn it until you have a bed of glowing charcoal.

Cook it with the skin side down, and it does not matter if the skin becomes crisp and charred since you won't be eating it anyway.

Salmon is a very oily fish and you will get melted fat dripping onto the fire. When the embers have died down turn the fish over and give the flesh side about 10 minutes over the open flame to give it a slightly charred color.

Do not over-cook it, If you can pick out an individual flake with a toothpick then the fish is cooked and ready to eat. Dress it down with sea salt, black pepper and some lemon juice and that is it,

Took my grand-daughter out in the boat on the lake to fish for perch. She caught 4 small perch, using a very light fiberglass rod equiped with a float, and using a worm of bait.

I caught 2 perch an one grayling, Just perfect for making Kalakukko which is a Finnish fish pie, or more correctly fish baked into a bread.