The most important lessons you will ever learn in life are the ones that you learn from fishing.

Those were the words from an 80 year old woman I picked up in my taxi.

The best times are to be had on a fishing boat on a lake when you are completely isolated from the rest of the world, and nobody can contact you.

Fishing gives you time for contemplation. There is beauty in the arc the fishing line makes as the cast is made.

Fishing teaches you patience and observation.

Fishing is mostly about waiting.

Fishing will help you delevop a fine sense of balance.

Most of the time spent fishing is devoted to other things than actually catching fish. Indeed on most days it is all about not catching fish.

Fishing makes you aware of the wind and the water, the clouds and the shade.

Fishing gets good air into your lungs, and takes you away from the telephone.

Try it sometime. It will teach you alot about yourself and what you cherish.