There is something special about living near the sea. Part of the charm is the boats that you see on the water.

Sailing boats especially because they always speak to me of freedom. On a big boat you can use it as your home. It is also a method of transport, and you pay nothing for the wind.

When I was younger I sailed around the world a couple of times on my living room sofa. I tacked, I came about, I droped anchor, all in the safety of my living room.

The sea itself is rather unforgiving. You have rip tides that will push you onto rocks. High tides and low tides that leave you high and dry on the sands.

When it comes to boats it is perhaps best to observe them at rest in the harbour, and dream that they are waiting there to offer you and escape to a better life.

But believe me there is a great difference between the dream and the reality, so what I would advise is to breathe in the sea air.

Yes that is what I really like about the seaside it is the special quality of the air. It must be the ozone, that enriched oxygen, that makes your head spin and gives you crazy ideas about sailing off into the sunset