The price of food is going up so it is good to be able to grow some of your own food. With me this is not a fad, not something to engage in because of an economic crises. I have been growing stuff all my life. I have a small plot at a community garden in Soukka. It is in a secluded clearing down by the sea, and even on the hotest of days there is a breeze blowing that keeps things fresh, and makes it easier to work.

Gardening is the perfect hobby for a Scotsman.


1) You do not need to pay any money to exercise in a gymnasium, you get all the exercise you need from digging and tilling and weeding.

2) No need to go to a solarium. If you work outside and the weather is good then you tan naturally.

3) You can eat everything you grow, and if you do some mental acrobatics you can easily imagine you are getting it all for free.

4) You meet the most interesting people and you can engage in a spot of barter, and swap potatoes from rhubarb.

5) You can learn new tips and tricks from fellow gardeners at the allotments, and don't need to go on expensive courses.

6) You observe the passage of time. The planting of a seed and the growth of the plant to maturity. Gardening has the ability to make you stop and look. That is a precious gift in this day and age.

Gardening is good.