When I spend time in the library I like to look through books of old Finnish photographers and see if there are some images that I like.

If a photo really inspires me I will go to the exact location and try and reproduce the photo.

Sometimes you can do it, but sometimes trees have gone missing or you can't get a dog to pose for you with outstreached legs, like Sammallahti did.

However somethings are built out of granite and barring an earthquake or a bombing they last and remain the same. One such building the the Finnish National Museum and this is an attempt to take the same photo over again.

On the otherside of the street is Finlandia Hall which was designed by Alvar Aalto and the material originally used for it was white Italian marble, which proved to be quite unsuitable as a cladding material, since it did not take to well to the harsh Finnish winters. The marble plate buckled and warped... something to do with extremes of expansion and contraction.

I could never envision that the National museum built with massive Finnish granite would have similar problems.