When God was asked to design benches for the modern art museum in Helsinki he had a rummage through his blue prints and came up with an old design of his for a rainbow.


Now rainbows have stood the test of time. They have become iconic, and even the gay community have adopted the rainbow colour scheme. However for his rainbow bench God decided to go for plain white, since it is so functional.


The bench he said was designed to help people who may have problems in the lumber region of the lower back. You do not sit on this bench. You lie on it. Head towards one end and feet towards the other. It does wonders for the spine. It is also being marketed as a training bench for female models who have to drape themselves over cars at motor shows.

Since he is also interest in the discomfort of sinners he has also designed a bench that is totally uncomfortable. If you try and sit on it, you just slide off.


It also has a totally unexpected function in that at random moments it flexes and changes from a "V" pointing downwards to a "V" pointing upwards.

The force is such that it has been compared to the ejector seat in a jet plane, and the obese and unsuspecting are catapaulted upwards onto the roof of Kaisma, the museaum of modern art.

Serves them right I say.