The trouble with insider jokes is that you have to be an insider to get them. The worst thing about insider jokes is that they loose their impact and potency if you have to explain them.

If you have never been to Helsinki you might think this is a snap of a real location. It is not. There is no water in the senate square.

The boat and the church are about a 1Km apart and there is no way that the above photo could exist, except for the fact that global warming might take place an the water levels in the baltic rise about 20 meters.

The above photo is a composite of two different photos, the Lutheran cathedral which is a very well known landmark in Helsinki, and the old lighthouse boat the Relandersgrund which is now a cafe.

The inspration for making the composite was from a Strongbow advert which showed a polo match in the senate square with horses galloping across the cobbles. Once the Relandersgrund leaves perhaps there could even be some water polo.

** Bloody water polo... horses kept drowning on me **