I have always thought that sailing boats are feminine. Call me a male chauvinist pig is you want, but that is what I have thought.

Whereas Powerboats by definition have got to be male... right?

Now I have a garden and there is an old man there who grows potatoes, beetroot, carrots, turnips... if it has a root he will grow it. He is in his seventies

Near his allotment is a lady who grows flowers... asters. lillies, dahlias, daisies. She must be in her sixties.

I think they secretly love each other, but they would never say it to each other.

He said to me "Can I tell you a great secret?" I expected it to be a confession of love, so I was eager to listen.

He said "In the winter time you can not eat flowers"

You see men really are overpowered energetic powerboats and women are graceful sailing ships.