"My love is like ripe Roquefort, strong and steaming.
Her presence permeates my mind when I lie dreaming.
Her creamy skin a Philadelphia delight.
I spread her on my cracker, late at night.
A triangle of cheesy spread, she greets my morning.
I peel her soft foil layers as day is dawning.
I ponder on old Parmesan, and lie breath bated,
wondering what her Cheddar would be like grated.
But the cheese which brings to mind my lover true
Is Aura, creamy, crumbly, strong and veiny blue.
I swooned and moaned, brought nearly to the edge.
by juicey moisture from her Gorgonzola wedge.
A hole in Emmental I poke my finger through
and nibble on the salty core, and think my love of you"