Mr Brown says that the biggest threat to world peace is not terrorism, but famine. In Italy they are rioting because of increased  pasta prices. Governments are being overthrown because of rice shortages.

In passing he mentioned that the amount of grain that is used to produce 1 gallon of bio-feul is enough to feed one person for a year, and he condemned bio-fuel production as a false economy.

I have never seen a day of hunger in my life and I enjoy food. I like to eat it and I like to perpare it. Sometimes it is good to eat out in a resturant, but usually it  is less expensive to eat at home if you prepare the food yourself .

Preparing food is a therapy.

Anyhoo cuisine is regarded as small portions at big prices, and French cuisine is exactly the same except that you get insulted by the waiter while he serves you, and are made to feel inadequate and insignicifant..

There is nothing finer than to combine good food with  good friends. It is the only way to survive the dark days of the Finnish winter. And sharing food may be the only way to survive in the future. Shortages will come and prices will rise.

Recently I was talking to a chef who remarked that the most difficult task in the world is to convice people that cuisine is all about the "three mouthful principle" It is not so much about satisfying your appetite as tasting small portions of different flavours. The Japanese go completely overboard and presentation is even more important than how the food tastes. If it looks good then it must taste good. Will there ever come a time when we will look back and long for a slice of rye bread spead with real butter.

If  people are paying alot of money, then what they want is a lot of food on their plates. They are somehow insulted by small portions, and feel cheated In the future if Brussels and the EU has its will then it will be small portions and big prices for everybody..

If you have a bottle of wine to go along with a meal then it will cost 5 times as much in a resturant than if you bought it from a supermarket.

There are occasions when you want to celebrate and be waited on hand and foot, but going out to eat is fraught with other hazards, such as what to wear and which knives and forks to use first.

If you cook at home you can dress as you like and dispense with knives and forks all together and eat with your hands. I had a muslim friend who expalined to me that when you touch your food with your fingers then you can gauge how hot it is, and decide if you can risk puting it in your mouth.

If you pick up a roast potato on a fork and pop it straight into your mouth more often than not you scald your tongue, and either have to spit, it out or as a desperate measure swallow the red hot potato and have it stick in your gullet.

So my advice is to cook at home with good ingredients. Take things easy and relax. or as Solomon said "A man hath no better thing under the sun, than to eat, and to drink, and be merry"

Cook a meal for somebody today. You know it makes sense. In the future it might not be possible.