While going down town to Helsinki I saw a sign on a grassy knoll saying HOLLYWOO. At first I thought it might have been put up by a dyslexic Chinese artist who could not get the pronounciation correct.

You know the type of thing "Artist of the world untie". But no the "D" had fallen over. It was such a lovely idea that someone have gone to the trouble of making this minature sign and putting it up near the WestWay motorway at Lauttasarri that I had to go and rescue the fallen D and put it in its place.

While I was putting it up, the movie Spinal Tap came to my mind, when the 2 foot high Stonehenge was lowered onto the stage, and I wondered if something similar had happened with this Hollywood sign.

Perhaps it was ment to be gigantic, and used as a backdrop for a kick-ass rock video. However when the group saw how insignificant it was, they didn't wait to have a finale. They smashed their guitars, and kicked their drum kit down the hill, in a fit of rage. They smashed their instruments without playing a single note. Then they stomped off in disgust, knocking down the "D", and leaving the Chinese backdrop artist to spread his arms to the heavens and lament in a loud voice "Hollywoo Hollywoo"