I have recently been adding little snips of music in the description field underneath my photos, cos I think that music compliments the image.

The image alone may have a certain feel to it but when music is added then that feel becomes reinforced, It is strange that your perception of a photo may change, the longer you take to look at it. Indeed the words from the music may direct your attention to detail in the photo that you might otherwise have missed

With other people photos I am guilty of doing a fast forward, jumping from one to the next. It is like flicking through the pages of coffee-table book by some well known photographer.

We turn the pages, we click on the next photostream, and rarely do we stop to take a long hard look at a photograph. We don't even pause to examine our own photos in depth. The expresion of the eyes, the curve of the lips. the hair, the highlights, the shadows, and the textures. Nothing to see here kindly move along please.

I would challenge everybody to spend more time looking at photos that are meaningfull for them, and thinking about why they are attracted to a particular photo.

I would suggest that you look at a photo for the length of an average pop song.

Just how long do you look at a photo?