The cival war in Spain drew lots of artists, writers and photographers to the cause of fighting against Franco, and it is a little known fact that Banksy (AKA Bangsy) was there working his subversive art.

Yeah I know you will tell me that Banksy is a young man and could not have taken part in the Spanish civil war, but I ask you this, does Banksy give interviews, has anybody seen the man, do we really know how old he is. 

Anyhoo Bangsy was kicking around with Gerda Taro, some say they were lovers. However they had this tremendous bust up over the political commitment of Eric Arthur Blair (AKA George Orwell) and since she told Bangsy that she was on the verge of selling her battlefront fashion photograhy to Vouge magazine, this caused the final acrimonious split-up between her and Bangsy.

As an act of revenge, Bangsy did a quick stencil of one of Taro's most famous photos and modified it so it looked like when the high heeled fashion-model shot the gun, a black flag with a white rat on it  popped out the muzzle. The bottom of the flag was signed Bangsy.

This was the very first anti-fashion/anti-war stencil that Banksy produced.