I saw a photo of a famous Finnish artist from the 60's in Iso Omena library. He had a big rhubarb leaf  stuck behind his head. Yeah I could do that, but I could not find a leaf that was big as his. I only found a moderate sized leaf which if it had been red might just have looked like a flame shooting out the back of my head.

I tried to spice the photo up by adding a couple of rhubarb leaves on either side of my head, but they were too reminicent of elephant ears, so I droped that idea and went with the smaller  more moderate leaf, and positioned it by shoving the stalk down the back of my T-shirt. It would not stay in place and it would slip from side to  side, so I sellotaped the stalk to the back of my neck.

Now I needed a texture and I came across a photo of a fountain at Linnamäki. The fountain looked like a big dandelion head that has gone to seed, It is composed of many pipes which sprays out water in a fine mist. I thought it would give a fine halo effect, if I put it into the background, The photo would be a saintly one with a tongue of green fire coming out the back of my head, and surrounded by these golden rods like the radiating rays of the sun. But I the photo did not look quite right. The eyes were obliterated and the image was too sickly sweet.

Then I overlaid the fountain image on top of the face and immediately the texture made for a more dramatic photo  since the heads of the fountain became more like nails rather than the rays of the sun.

The sheen on the rhubarb leaf was the reflection of the sunlight on the water that was being sprayed from the fountain and it gives the impression that the face had been painted on a wall and then varnished over. Finally I overlaid a Polaroid black edged frame, and the job was done.

It did not turn out the way that I wanted, but it was disturbing enough to save and keep. You may have an idea and when you try to acheive it you may find out that either it is impossible to acheive or the results you get are unsatisfactory. It is only by experimentation and modification that you finaly arrive with some image that you like or disturbs you in some sort of way.

Things are never what they seem to be,